Goldenage Technologies provides out-of-the box and custom IT solutions for luxury services providers worldwide. We help our customers optimize mission critical operations and develop their business by providing a trusted and easy to use set of cloud-based tools, including booking systems, inventory and sales management, customer management, tracking and fraud prevention solutions.

We innovate and deliver game-changing technology designed to empower luxury services providers and help them grow their business. Based on our deep market knowledge combined with development and business expertise, we constantly anticipate, set and respond to changing industry and market demands.

Goldenage looks at the ever-evolving digital sphere and determines how the luxury market should adapt to the modern clients’ demands. Luxury services customers’ behavior has significantly changed and our work is to target those new requirements.

Modern luxury services users are informed buyers; therefore our solutions also outline the presentation of a service. Especially when it comes to travel or other desired experiences, we focus on providing information to the luxury voyager on time and with a full overview. Putting marketplace based solution at the center of our work, we aspire to cater to a full range of affluent customers.

Goldenage provides industry-leading, private-label solutions for the luxury travel and tourism industry. We provide access to luxury car rental providers, yacht rental brokers, luxury travel agents of all sizes and destination flexible reservation, inventory and sales management solutions. Our technology meets the latest standards in distributed architecture and network security.

Our cloud based solutions for luxury travel providers can be used for any company which specializes in providing luxury services – concierge agencies, travel and car rental companies. The solutions we provide are platform agnostic and can be easily integrated with any system or website. While helping our clients to improve their business and revenue, we’re developing global marketplaces for luxury travel services. Our goal is not only to deliver the solutions- we’re redefining the luxury services market.

Lurento by Goldenage is an online luxury car rental marketplace aiming to bring trust, security and simplicity into booking process. Our platform is focused on technology and marketing solutions, which are the main challenges of most luxury car hire companies. Marketplace empowers our partners by providing a platform that makes it easy for them to manage their inventory and reservations data. When it comes to reaching global customers we offer a full business set which helps our suppliers to get completely integrated into the digital sphere.

Lurento effectively meets all requirements essential for luxury car hire clients. Agile response and detailed information are a fundamental part of our business policy. Our goal is to make the traveling experience of our customers comfortable and effortless.

With a winning combination of knowledge and experience, our team at Goldenage will completely reform the industry of luxury car hire in the interest of our partners and our clients.

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Lurento featured in Travolution

Jan 07, 2017

“Now that Lurento has secured deals with 40 small and medium sized car rental firms in Europe, Dhoric’s eyes are set on Dubai and the USA”

Our founder talked to Ben Ireland about luxury car rent industry, Lurento’s achievements and plans for the future, and much more. You can find full article at Travolution website.

Lurento is now live!

Nov 24, 2016

World’s first marketplace for renting a luxury and sports cars is live – starting today. 25 car brands available in most of the EU countries and Switzerland are now fully available for rent. We made entire reservation process the easiest possible – with live pricing, real pictures and clearly stated rental conditions.

We welcome everyone at our new web location –!

Pitstop finishes its test phase

Oct 01, 2016

With a couple of months behind us we are happy to announce that a release of our luxury car rental marketplace is in its final phase. We are moving to a new domain in early November.

Lots of thanks to our suppliers and early adopters for their help and feedback.

This is going to be a great ride!

We are growing our supplier network

May 17, 2016

Only a few months have passed since we started developing our business. We are thrilled that our supplier network and fleet size is growing with each day. With 10 more partners in a last month Pitstop has covered most of Europe and we are proud to offer more then 200 vehicles for rent.

Our clients can choose a vehicle from over 25 luxury car brands in Europe and Dubai, now including Spain, Germany and Switzerland.

Luxury car rental marketplace locked temporarily

Mar 22, 2016

Booking option at the Pitstop platform will be unavailable for some time due to testing of its new features.

Goldenage will continue to develop the product and expend its supplier network, but we can’t do it alone and that’s where You come in. We are grateful for all insights and feedbacks from both clients and partners. We will be back soon with new locations and even larger fleet.

Pitstop opens for a test drive!

Feb 10, 2016

Goldenage has launched MVP of its luxury car rental marketplace. The beta version of the platform is now open for a limited number of markets: Italy, France, Monaco, Croatia, Austria and Dubai. We took the opportunity to test the marketplace with an inventory of 100 vehicles provided by supplier companies in 6 target countries.

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